About Us

We want to be more than your associate, we want to be the solution!


Exhibition Hotel Management is a partner to all businesses or organizations that look beyond just there local market place or city to expand sales and notoriety. In this  ever changing business world, we at EHM realize that sometimes a phone call or email just will not do. Sometimes you need to shake hands or look someone in the eyes.


Exhibition Hotel Management is your solution in making sure that all travel needs are handled  and prepaid for you in a care-free manner. Whether it is just a single visit to a client, or your largest and most important Trade Show of the year, your individual or group housing is our #1 priority.


Exhibition Hotel Management understands that not only do you want to be comfortable, but that each aspect of affordability, location, ease of dining, and having what you need to be at your best.....is at your fingertips! EHM will make your meeting with clients feel like you are right at home.